"Focus on fashion"
"Quantity and quality of personal belongings"
A POPUP EVENT where 4 people who are outstanding among influencers gather together in "Urahara" to sell personal items and special items.






With four members with different values, I want you to take off your fixed concept clothes and enjoy clothes and styling freely.

This kind of feeling is this event "NUDE"
is contained in


1. Over 300 Special Items

For this day, we have prepared more than 300 special items, mainly autumn and winter items.

  • Prepare valuable personal items of each member to be released on this day only.

  • Accessories, which is one of MOOD's features, are also available in abundance. We have vintage jewelry and brand archive.

  • We prepare vintage special items with exceptional rarity and design.

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2. Snapshot

Only for purchasers, styling snaps by professional photographers can be taken and handed over.

This time, we have prepared a large space on the 1F and B1F, and set up a booth dedicated to photography.

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3. Styling by members

Styling consultation by members is possible on the day. I hope that it will be an opportunity to notice fashion and styling that you may not notice yourself.

  • shota

    With about 27,000 followers, he mainly proposes his own styling using 70s vintage and flared pants, and is extremely popular with some fashionistas.

    The source of that styling is the extraordinary amount of personal belongings, which will be boldly released in POPUP this time.

  • Yuhito Aramaki

    A singer-songwriter, a designer, and a stylist who show different talents in various fields.

    Based on ideas obtained from BALENCIAGA, GUCCI, overseas snaps, etc., he has established his own styling that sets him apart from others.

    As a designer, I also design and produce my own items and plan to sell them at this POPUP.

  • Ryoya

    Model and stylist belonging to officebriller.

    I love vintage items and brand archives.

    The world view that can be expressed by completing items, models, and styling by yourself has received strong support from certain fans.

  • Link.com

    Operates second-hand clothing collection Link.com. The account, which has about 17,000 followers, handles a wide range of content from a unique perspective based on the world view of Link.com, from styling proposals to brand commentary.

    In addition, as one of the expressions of the world view, we are selling second-hand clothes and producing remake items through the online store “MOOD”.

  • MOOD

    An online store supervised by Link.com.
    Vintage items are carefully selected one-of-a-kind items with luxurious and playful details.

    We are also focusing on accessories that are not often found in second-hand clothing stores, and we are also producing remakes and original items to express the world of MOOD.

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Date and time
2022/11/19 (Sat) 12:00 ~ 20:00

Admission fee

Accepted payment methods
・Cash ・Credit card ・ID / QUICPay
・Transportation IC

4-28-25 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
News Spot Harajuku 1F

3 minutes walk from Meiji Jingumae <Harajuku> station 6 minutes walk from Harajuku station 9 minutes walk from Omotesando station

Near the entrance of Harajuku Street

We hope to see you!