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Shirring Luxurios Mode Long Gloves【先行予約 1/8まで】

Shirring Luxurios Mode Long Gloves【先行予約 1/8まで】

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2023-01-01 21:00販売開始


入れ口 8.5cm×2
手のひら(甲周り) 8.5cm×2
指周り 2cm×2
中指 9cm
手首から中指 20cm



こちらは受注生産商品となります。 お届けは2月中旬予定となります。 受注期間1/1 12:00 ~ 1/8 23:59





What is the Authority series?

A couture line that combines elegance and nobility

"authority series"

Unlike old clothes and remakes, MOOD's worldview is expressed as a product.

In order to give shape to this expression, we are committed to completely handcrafted production by a professional sewing partner who also handles the costumes of Japan's top artists.

This makes it possible to achieve precise stitching that is difficult with factory-made products.

In addition, the manual production of each item to order is also an antithesis to the fast fashion that aims at mass production and mass consumption in recent years.

For that reason, it takes a certain amount of time to deliver, but we hope that you will feel it as one of the characteristics of couture.

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